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Right from the start, having gone under the arch and into the courtyard of the villa, the view reveals itselfย in its full splendour. Already you are longing to peel off travel clothes, pop a bottle of fizz and wasteย not a moment longer before getting into the holiday mood. Everywhere you turn there is a profusion of plants, a place to sit and something of interest to catch your eye.

A true slice of paradise is not a clichรฉ: a swim in the azure pool, a glass of Prosecco and the prospect of a delicious Italian meal will draw you into that special frame of mind which La Buia inspires.

Strolling the grounds, the perfume from herbs and plants surrounds you. The constant movement of wildlife is restful as is the knowledge that you are right inside nature in a protected beauty spot. In the warmth and dappled light, your work life falls away around you.

  • Large traditionally landscaped garden
  • lovely Views in all directions
  • Wild Life
  • Flora & Fauna in abundance
  • Herbs to cook with
  • Paths to walk on and explore