Arezzo Antiques Market is famed throughout Italy. It’s a treasure trove of delectable items everywhere you look.


For the Antiques Market (or Flea Market as it’s otherwise known), merchants come from all over to set up their stalls in theย Piazza Grande on the first week-end of the month.

On warm summer afternoons, they slouch in deck chairs under sun umbrellas behind their merchandise, eating and drinking and chatting to fellow store holders.

Shopping in Arezzo
Arezzo Antique Market. First W/E of each month

Every stall and table holds interest with all kinds of collected items. Treasure hunters stand in deep thought as they turn over a relic in their hands trying desperately to fathom if it really is as the stall holder tells them 15th Century!

There are all kinds of different stalls, one just filled with cut glass orbs for replacing those on broken chandeliers. From antique handbags to historical prints and beautiful Tuscan furniture to marble busts, there’s always something to pique interest.

A true feast for the eyes.ย Mind you, like most markets, you have to haggle over the price or ask them to throw something else in too!

Where:Piazza Grande, Arezzo
When:First weekend of every month
Transport:ย 35 minute drive, Train or Bus